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baner Dąbki.

Dąbki and the nearest area

Dąbki is a new sanatoriecity and is a well-known holiday resort. The town is endearingly situated beside a lake at the seaside, has favourable climate and boasts a wide range of eating places and entertainments, as well as tourist attractions. No wonder, Dąbki has for many years enjoyed acclaim among holiday-makers.

What you cannot miss in Dąbki:

  • Fisherplace, where fisherboat are drawed up at the beach;

  • The city as a big holiday-shopping and entertainmentsCentre;

  •  borrowing canoes, yachts etc.;

  • windsurfing Centre and waterskiing;

  • cruises on the lake;

  • Big forest with good runningpossibilities;

  • Hunting and angling;

  • riding Centre (about 1 km).

Dabki centrum.Dąbki plaża.Dąbki centrum.Dąbki zachód słońca.
Dąbki surfing.Darłówko przystań.Wędkowanie.Dąbki kutry.

Places of interest nearby:

  • Darłowo: The castle of the Pomeranian Dukes (Zamek Książąt Pomorskich), Our Lady Church (Kościół MBC), St. Gertrude's Church (Kościół św. Gertrudy), Monument of Fisherman (Pomnik Rybaka), Town Gate (Brama Miejska), Heptenmacher’s residence (kamienica Heptenmachera) etc.;

  • Darłówko: nice fishingtown, lighthouse, drawbridge, pleasure and fishing cruises, aquapark, water tram between Darłówko and Darłowo;

  • windmill farm in Cisowo (2 km from Darłowo);

  • canoe tours along the rivers of Wieprza and Grabowa;

  • Koszalin: the nearest bigger city, 25 km from Dabki.

Darłowo zamek.Darłowo pomnik rybaka.Darłowo Kościół Mariacki.Darłowo Kościół pw. Św. Gertrudy.
Darłówko latarnia.Viking.Darłówko sztorm.Darłówko.

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